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  12th July: Divine Darshan Day.      21st July: Guru Poornima.    

नरसेवा नारायणसेवा

  When someone is benefitted by an act of Selfless service, not only does that person get happiness, but the people around also are benefited. Thus, a benevolent act of Service to humanity becomes a Service to God  

Guruji Padmanabhanji Krishnadasa serves humanity by promoting the path of Spiritual Knowledge. He has devoted his life for this divine and noble cause. Guruji has made innumerable sacrifices to fulfill his objective and has undergone lots of penance for the same. In todays materialistic and scientific age, Guruji’s simple and effective methods of Spiritualism has found wide acceptance. His teachings have changed many lives. Needless to say, he is a true Yogi in all aspects of life. Guruji does not discriminate on the basis of Religion, Caste or Creed and strives tirelessly to help the needy and loves selflessly one and all.

Geeta Ashram, Pune was founded by a few close devotees of Guruji Shri. Padmanabhanji Krishnadasa. Geeta Ashram’s sole intention is to serve people and lead them on the path of spiritual knowledge.

Motto: Naraseva Narayan Seva As Taught By Guruji Shri Padmanabhan Krishnadasa.

Geeta Ashram is a registered charitable organization, which was formed in the year 1998 in Pune, India and now serves as a common ground for people to gain Spiritual Knowledge.

The objective of Guruji is to serve others and has very aptly been mentioned in the shloka:

पद्माकरं दिनकरो विकचं करोति
चन्द्रो विकासयति कैरवचक्रबालं |
नाभ्यार्थितो जलधरोsपि जलं ददाति
संतस्स्वयं परहिते विहिताभियोगा: ||

The sun even though unasked, blooms a collection of Padma lotuses.
The moon though unsolicited, opens up a group of Kairava lotuses.
Without being asked, the Cloud gives water,
The saints on their own devote themselves to the welfare of others.