Spiritual discourses

A lecture series on the spiritual principles of Bhagavad Geeta and other spiritual scriptures are conducted at the Ashram. This is done with an objective of educating the people with life values preached by our holy scriptures thereby enabling them to imbibe these values and lead a qualitatively better life.

These discourses are delivered by Guruji with an intention to show us the truth of life and educate us on the importance of spiritual knowledge. Guruji has adopted a very lucid method to deliver this knowledge. He quotes stories and events from the ancient scriptures like Vedaas, Upanishads, Srimad Bhagavatam, Puranaas and Bhagavad Geeta. The ancient scriptures are in Sanskrit and have a deep symbolic inner meaning. These meanings are deciphered and explained by Guruji through the medium of these stories. Stories are interesting to read and remember and they make the understanding of these spiritual principles easy. Guruji takes immense efforts to deliver this divine knowledge to us.

These discourses are held at the Ashram and are free of cost. Everyone is welcome to attend the same.

For more details on the schedule contact the Ashram.

Spiritual Guidance & Astrological Consultation

Guruji Padmanabhanji believes in serving the people and considers it as his utmost Dharma. He lives by the principle of 'Nara Sewa Narayana Sewa' and 'If you want to be happy then make others happy'. He has been serving people since many years now.  Many people consult Guruji on matters pertaining to Spiritualism and Astrology

Guruji offers guidance to everyone free of cost. Contact the Ashram for more details.

Yoga and Meditation

We teach Yoga, Praanayama and Meditation with an objective for people to live a healthy and stress free life. Guruji has devised this unique combination of Yogaasanas, Pranayama and Meditation which work on the physical and mental aspect of the individual. One who learns and practices this technique will attain a healthy body and healthy mind. Persons with physical ailments and diseases like Diabetes, High blood pressure, Kidney stone, Lower back pain and Respiratory disorders such as Asthma, Sinusitis and chronic cold are highly benefited by learning and practicing this technique.

Classes for Yoga, Pranayama and Meditation are conducted at the Ashram and are free of cost.

Interested people can contact the Ashram for more details about batches and registration.

Celebration of important days

We celebrate select auspicious days of the year like Mahashivaratri, Ramanavami and Gokulashatami to name a few. Spiritual discourses and Bhajans are conducted and there is a feeling of divine euphoria experienced by everyone who attends. An Annadaanam is arranged and Mahaprasadam prepared by followers is distributed.

Check the Special Days link to know more.

Sanskrit classes

Sanskrit is the oldest and living language on our planet. Hence in its study and research we see a wonderful history passing through many millennia. It is the language of the most ancient Indian scriptures belonging to various faiths. Sanskrit is a spiritual language, language of Divinity, language of Gods.

Guruji introduced the novelty and importance of Sanskrit to us through his discourses. He explained how the scriptures in Sanskrit language have hidden and symbolic meanings. All the Sanskrit texts have internal meaning known as the Antaraartha. This internal meaning is more important than the literal meaning. If one has knowledge of Sanskrit language then the symbolic meaning can be found. When the scriptures are understood with the symbolic meaning, the truth is known. With this objective, Sanskrit Classes are conducted for interested aspirants. A new type of teaching technique is used in these classes enabling students to learn Sanskrit in a speedy manner.

For more details on these classes contact the Ashram.

Bhajan sessions

When like minded devotees come together and sing the glories of the lord, an atmosphere of divinity and positive energy is created. The Bhajan sessions are simple without any glamour. Devotees sing from their hearts and render their prayers to the almighty.

We conduct Bhajan sessions every Thursday at the Ashram. contact us to know more.